The objective of DigitalEnergyTwin is to support the industry with the development of a methodology and software tool to optimize the operation and design of industrial energy systems. By applying the methodology of the digital twin, detailed energy system modelling will be developed for selected processes (energy relevant) and renewable energy supply technologies, validated and simplified. The core of the project is the development of the optimization approach, applied for single use cases as well as a real implementation in manufacturing industry (PCB Industry). The use of this methodology will also enable the exploitation for an EnergyManager 4.0, using the approach of augmented and virtual reality. By this, a maximum impact and multiplication in other industrial companies and sectors will be achieved.

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Administration Info

RTI Initiative:

Energy Research 5th Call

Priority Topic:

Industrial Energy Systems

Research Category:

Industrial Research and Experimental Development


November 2019

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Specific Goals

DigitalEnergyTwin’s overall objective is supported by 5 clear, measurable, realistic and achievable Specific Goals:

  1. Optimised operation and design of industrial energy systems
  2. DigitalEnergyTwin – Application of digital twin methodology to industrial energy systems
  3. Validation of the DigitalEnergyTwin by real-life implementation in industry
  4. Impact maximisation by standardisation and simplification
  5. Exploitation of DigitalEnergyTwin

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